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Johnny Manziel’s Birthday Cake

Johnny Manziel was officially named the Cleveland Browns’ starting quarterback on Tuesday for this week’s matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals.  The rookie signal-caller turned 22 on Saturday, and it looks like he pulled out all the stops.  Read the full article from the Bleacher Report.

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15 Hot Wedding Cake Trends

Just about anything can inspire your wedding cake design — the beautiful ornate molding in your ballroom venue, your joint love of modern design, or even the pattern from the china you just registered for. Here, a few trends to help inspire your custom cake. (Your baker can help with the rest.)  Read the full article here from The Knot.

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Specialty Cakes

This is just one of the many specialty cakes we have created.  Check our portfolio page and contact us.  We can help you create anything you can imagine!

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