Sweets Portfolio

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Red Velvet Cake

A Classic.
Filled with cream cheese icing, frosted with either traditional buttercream or cream cheese frosting.

Carrot Cake

A moist, heavy cake studded with carrots and walnuts.  Filled with cream cheese icing and frosted with either cream cheese icing or traditional buttercream.


Crispy crust and a luscious creamy filling. Now just choose the flavor and add a fruit topping (optional).

Stucco Wedding Cake

Beautiful stucco wedding layer cake.

Birthday Cake


A personalized birthday cake with a special message on the plate.

Blue Striped Wedding Cake

Elegant blue striped wedding cake with fresh flower accents.

Baby Shower Basket Cake

An amazing baby shower cake that looks like a real woven basket.

Tiffany Wedding Cake

A beautiful and elegant Tiffany wedding cake.

Pirate Cake

A Groom’s cake in the shape of a pirate.

Small Square Birthday Cake

This is a small personal birthday cake with a message written on the plate.

Wedding Layer Cake with Pink Flowers

A white wedding layer cake decorated with pink flowers.

Child’s Birthday Cake with Elmo

This is a fun child’s birthday cake featuring Elmo.

Square Wedding Layer Cake

This is a stunning square wedding layer cake with decorative accents and flowers.

Skittles Cake

This is a fun and colorful cake for any occasion decorated with skittles candies.

Baby Shower Bow Cake

This is an amazing layer cake with blue and white layers and a beautiful bow on front.

Lego Cookies

Specialty cookies baked just for a birthday celebration.

White Birthday Cake

This is a simple elegant birthday cake with colorful flower accents.

Fleur De Lis Groom’s Cake

This is a fun groom’s cake in the shape of a fleur de lis.

Floral Baby Shower Cake

A layer cake accented with yellow flowers is welcoming a new baby to the family.

Assorted Desserts


Just a sample of the amazing desserts prepared by Sara.

Fishing Groom’s Cake

A fun groom’s cake stating “Kyle’s Hooked”.

Fruit Top Cake

This is a specialty cake topped with assorted fruits.

Inchworm Birthday Cake


A child’s birthday cake in the shape of an inchworm.

Paw Print Cake

A fun cake in the shape of a paw print.

Assorted Desserts


This is just a sample of the many delicious treats created by Sara.

Birthday Cake with Peacock Feathers

A very festive birthday cake adorned with peacock feathers.

Assorted Cupcakes

Just an example of the many delicious cupcakes prepared by Sara.

Layer Cake with Strawberries

A delicious layer cake drizzled with chocolate and decorated with strawberries.

Pink Rose Wedding Cake

A lovely and delicate pink wedding cake with roses.

Elephant Baby Shower Cake

A fun and festive cake to celebrate your new arrival.

M&M’s Birthday Cake


A fun cake featuring the M&M’s character and candy accents.

Yankees Groom’s Cake

A unique and fun groom’s cake made especially for that Yankee’s fan.

White and Red Birthday Cake

A festive birthday cake with red heart accents.

Wizard of Oz Cake


A creative birthday cake with the Wizard of Oz theme.

Banded Wedding Cake with Flowers

A lovely wedding layer cake with black bands and fresh cut flowers.

Mini Cakes

A yummy assortment of mini cakes to tempt your taste buds!

White Bow Top Wedding Cake

An all white wedding cake with accents and handmade icing bow on top.

Zoo Cake


A fun child’s birthday cake with a zoo theme.

Square Pink Floral Wedding Cake

An elegant square wedding cake with pink roses.

Blue and White Wedding Cake

An elegant blue and white wedding cake with fresh flowers.

Easter Candy Display


A colorful display of delicious Easter candies.

Heart Anniversary Cake

A beautiful and classic heart shaped anniversary cake.

Fruit Tart

A colorful and delicious tart made with fresh fruit.

Beehive Cake

This is a fun and festive cake shaped like a beehive with cupcake bees all around.