Lego Cookies

Specialty cookies baked just for a birthday celebration.

Fleur De Lis Groom’s Cake

This is a fun groom’s cake in the shape of a fleur de lis.

Floral Baby Shower Cake

A layer cake accented with yellow flowers is welcoming a new baby to the family.

Assorted Desserts


Just a sample of the amazing desserts prepared by Sara.

Fishing Groom’s Cake

A fun groom’s cake stating “Kyle’s Hooked”.

Fruit Top Cake

This is a specialty cake topped with assorted fruits.

Inchworm Birthday Cake


A child’s birthday cake in the shape of an inchworm.

Paw Print Cake

A fun cake in the shape of a paw print.

Birthday Cake with Peacock Feathers

A very festive birthday cake adorned with peacock feathers.

Assorted Cupcakes

Just an example of the many delicious cupcakes prepared by Sara.