Birthday Cake


A personalized birthday cake with a special message on the plate.

Small Square Birthday Cake

This is a small personal birthday cake with a message written on the plate.

Child’s Birthday Cake with Elmo

This is a fun child’s birthday cake featuring Elmo.

White Birthday Cake

This is a simple elegant birthday cake with colorful flower accents.

Inchworm Birthday Cake


A child’s birthday cake in the shape of an inchworm.

Birthday Cake with Peacock Feathers

A very festive birthday cake adorned with peacock feathers.

M&M’s Birthday Cake


A fun cake featuring the M&M’s character and candy accents.

White and Red Birthday Cake

A festive birthday cake with red heart accents.

Wizard of Oz Cake


A creative birthday cake with the Wizard of Oz theme.

Zoo Cake


A fun child’s birthday cake with a zoo theme.