We All Love Cookies!

Especially big gooey bundles of joy!  Our cookies are loaded with specialty chocolates, nuts and more.  

We offer a variety of flavors, so its best to try them all.

Available Options:

 $20 per dozen 

Chocolate Chip – milk’s best friend

Peanut Butter Chip – peanut buttery and delicious

Oatmeal Raisin – packed full of plump raisins and oats, a healthy option.

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut – chocolate chunks and buttery nuts

Heath Bar Crunch – chunks of crunchy English toffee

Kitchen Sink – everything wonderful-all packed into a cookie

Double Chocolate – chocolate cookie dough with chocolate chunks

Snickerdoodle – fluffy cinnamon sugar cookie

Linzer – hazelnut butter cookie with a raspberry jam filling

Sugar- classic sugar crunch


Holiday cookies

Brownies and Bars


Rich and decadent, with the texture of velvet.  What’s not to love about all this chocolate?


Classic Brownies


$22 per dozen

Dark, intense chocolatey fudge brownies



$22 per dozen 

Retro Brownies


$22 per dozen

Choose your favorite – caramel swirl, heath bar, Reese peanut butter cup, mint chocolate chip, or raspberry marmalade


Lemon Bars


$22 per dozen

A baked lemon custard on a shortbread crumble, dusted with powdered sugar.  A family favorite