Sara Ayyash – Pastry Chef

Born in Orlando, Florida and raised in southwest Virginia, she started baking as a child and the passion never faded.

A graduate of the Florida Culinary Institute, Sara previously worked at the Blackberry Farm in Tennessee and most recently held the position as Executive Pastry Chef at the Jefferson Hotel here in Richmond, Virginia for ten years.

Her charming southern accent is a reflection of the simple, yet sophisticated transformation of dessert into an art form.

About Sara Ayyash - Sugar and Salt RVA Pastry Chef

Sugar & Salt started 4 years ago from a collaborative group of devoted friends and chefs.

Its not about the destination, its about the journey to get there.

Don’t be fooled. ¬†We may be little, but our big hearts, passion , drive for excellence, and confidence in the products we prepare for you, will make us bigger and better each day.

Our promise is to ensure your happiness, all things sweet are just a bonus.